Central American Cold Chain

As many of you are planning to do some holiday travel, I thought this was a good time to share a family vacation of my own. Back in 2015 my family had the opportunity to vacation in the amazing country of Costa Rica; during which my family decided it was time to learn how to surf. Residing in Northwest Wisconsin we are able surf behind boats and on snow, but to actually surf the ocean had been a bucket list item. Any time we are traveling I am quick to point out refrigerated vehicles transporting perishables in many different ways. On this particular trip, we spent more time looking at the countryside and I noticed the work aspect less – I am sure my kids were happy about that.

After a very successful surfing lesson on the famous Tamarindo Beach, we were instructed to carry our boards back to the shop. I remember the pavement being so hot that I thought about carrying my kids across the street. Stopping for traffic would literally blister your feet if you weren’t hopping from one leg to the other. The air temperature was 104 Fahrenheit; I can’t imagine what the pavement temperature was.

As we waited outside the surf shop for our taxi, now wearing shoes, I noticed a refrigerated truck body truck body making deliveries to the surf town restaurants. The Hercules Truck Body belonged to Dos Pinos, a dairy brand popular in Costa Rica. Like anyone at my company, if you see a refrigerated vehicle, you have to see what’s inside. The rear door was left open as the driver made a delivery, so I rushed over to have a look and inside were ice cream treats and beverages. Sure enough, separating the body into 3 temperature zones were two Toughboy Insulated Bulkheads from FG Products, Inc. What a great way to see our products at work. And yes, we had ice cream!


Google Maps estimates that it would take about 68 hours to drive from FG Products to Tamarindo Beach in Costa Rica.  The path is always less direct for our products, riding in LTL trucks to manufacturing facilities and dealers before final destinations.  The primary goal is an intact Cold Chain for the consumer.  The Toughboy model has been around since the 1960’s and remains the only portable, rigid (FRP) insulated bulkhead available in the America’s.

The anticipation and excitement I feel whenever I open the doors of a refrigerated vehicle is unique to those in our industry.  Knowing that our products play a role in distributing safe and fresh food to people around the world is humbling.  We are sometimes unaware of whom and where the final users of our products are, making this Costa Rican family vacation more memorable because of Dos Pinos, ice cream and surfing.  I just wanted to take the time to show my appreciation to all of our customers and wish everyone a Happy Holidays, safe travels and many thanks for your business this past year!


To learn more about FG Products, Inc. visit our website at www.fgproducts.com or follow us on LinkedIn!


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